Saturday, January 26, 2013

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Holiday Gifts this year were a Pinterest Success

This past holiday season, I decided to create most of my gifts as I wanted more of a personal and crafty touch. :) I always enjoy being crafty & each year I get it in my head that I want to make my holiday gifts, but always seem to lack the time for all of my ideas. So this time, I got started earlier with gathering of ideas and deciding to stick with 1 main project that could be used as gifts for multiple family members and friends.

While perusing Pinterest, I came across the idea of photo tiles.. I did a little research to understand the actual process and see what supplies were needed. It just seemed like the perfect gift idea that was versatile enough for so many people in my life :) and I got so many compliments and thank you's on them!

See below for the process & details. It's really fairly easy, just a matter of getting the supplies, finding the photos you'd like to use & preparing them.
-Printed photos/photocopies from a laser printer/xerox machine 
-Gel medium (I used Liquitex Gloss Gel Medium)
-Wet sponge
-Clear finish spray
-Sponge brushes
-Tile primer 
-Ceramic tiles (I used 4"x4")

1) Go through photos to choose which moments you want to feature on these tiles

2) Once photos are selected, you will need to make photocopies of them or print from a laser printer but first, the images will need to be reversed using a photo editor program
     *If the images are not reversed when you print them out, you will be putting the photos face down on the tiles and they will appear backwards on the tiles once done & if there are any words or #'s in the photo, they will also appear backwards*
      ** Also very important, ink jet printers will not work, only laser printers/xerox machines are to be used with regular photocopy paper**

3) With a sponge brush, paint tile primer on the ceramic tiles, and let dry. Then paint on the gel medium and immediately flip over your photo so it's face down on the tile.

4) Smooth out the back of the photo so there are no bumps/bubbles and let it set and transfer for 24hrs.

5) After 24hrs, using a wet sponge, start to moisten the photo paper and with your finger start to rub off the white paper fibers.
6) You will start to see the image appearing through the moistened paper and that it has transferred. Continue moistening & rubbing the white paper fibers until the image is clear, such as below :)
7) Set with a clear finish spray and Voila! Below are some examples of my finished products! 

Monday, October 15, 2012

Target happened..again..

Ok.. so I know I promised myself I would behave and keep myself under control when I go to Target and stick to ONLY what's on the list.. buuttttt... I blame it on my partner in crime, Stacy. That's right Stacy! It's all of your fault.. especially when we're perusing the aisles and she says "what else can we get unnecessarily? I feel like my cart isn't full enough!" HA!
So with that said.. I actually only went to accompany her to Target, and to buy some tissues people. That's it, just tissues. Well, 1 crockpot, cleaning supplies, snacks, and a cute pair of oxfords later.. I got the tissues.
But.. check out how adorable these glitter oxfords are with the contrast pink outsole. :) I was so excited to find these (in the girls aisle) as I've been looking for a black pair of oxfords but just a little bit of pizzazz, since I don't like the overly masculine look. And thanks to the fascinating finds of the budget chic instagrammer girls I follow at Target does it again, I was inspired to get my own pair.
(*note the guest appearance of Chloe's paw in the photo :P )

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Who said cookie jars are just for cookies?

While skimming through Pinterest for all the DIY's, home decor & organizing solutions.. I came across this fabulous little idea of taking your nail polish bottles and stashing them in a fancy glass candy/cookie jar so you're able to see all of your colors, save space, and display a clever and cute storage solution.

Source: via Paige on Pinterest

So, I decided to give it a try.. and for only spending $4.99 on this cute lil jar @ Marshall's, I think it's totally worth it! :)

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Fast Fashion Fix

I had an urge to pick up a few fun pieces from Forever 21 this week. Lately I've been coveting the whole printed denim/patterned pants look and wanted to get a pair of my own but didn't want to spend too much on my first pair. So I ran into Forever 21 as I was eyeing these new safari printed skinnies through their window as I walk to work in the morning.
And since I had plans to see the Jay-Z concert at the new Barclays center with my bff sporting our new Brooklyn Nets t-shirts, I wanted to pair my shirt with a fun printed bottom. Well, voila! This was our concert gear :)~

(a few pics of the concert below)

I also found this cute tan/black vertical striped blouse with removable scarf tie for versatility

Monday, October 1, 2012

Mustard - the color, not the condiment

I love mustard yellow, and mixing golden tones with cognacs, deep blues/teals and browns in clothing, accessories or even decor. I've even painted a living room wall in my last apartment a cornhusk yellow, seen below.
I just picked up these fun mustard denim leggings last week from Express. They are so comfortable, with a sateen feel and super affordable.

Love these inspiration boards: 

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Target - the Venus Flytrap

Target tends to be a venus flytrap for me.. I can't escape that place without spending so much more money than intended, and getting so distracted that I even forget to pick up the items I specifically went for!

I had 3 things on the list - (1) paper towels (2) shower curtain liner (3) astringent... how did I end up with only item #1 and yet walk out with 6 bags of stuff? Ha!

Well, this week I got swept up as soon as I walked in the door with all the fun & inexpensive home decor. I love the autumn season, and the festive halloween and thanksgiving accessories. I picked up this cute leaf shaped ceramic bowl that I'm using as a candy bowl for my coffee table.

Also, stumbled across these cute snakeskin printed flats, such a bargain!

So, I'm not too crushed that I wasn't able to cross off all of the items on my shopping list... but next time I promised myself I will be more focused & stick to the list!... uhh.. yea, we'll see ;)

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Starting from scratch

Apartment decorating for me has been quite the struggle, needless to say after living in my place 2 years now and not one thing is hanging on the walls still! There have been a few things that have delayed this process, but none more than my lack of decision making on what direction to go in.

My apartment to me is like a blank canvas... a clean white slate.. ready to be made into a work of art. Since this is my first real apartment that I claim home to permanently, it's difficult for me to be sure of what to do with it. As I have so many different ideas, and styles that I like, it's hard to decide what to go with.. But time to face reality, and get a move on already! Who has a house warming post 2 yrs party? LOL! Well, while money doesn't grow on trees in my neck of the woods, I know I should start little by little as you can't expect the entire place to be transformed in a day.

For now, I leave this post with a new item I am excited to hang up soon and feature with my other worldly collections - a handmade South African piece of art, gift from my father. I absolutely love it!
(1) it's handmade (2) it's from another country (3) the colors/materials are totally my style.. my Dad knows me well :)

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Autumn is my Spring

For most people Spring resonates as the season to start fresh, new beginnings and all.. but I found myself this week feeling that the impending Autumn season has given me a boost to revamp and renew.

My new objectives are to get myself involved in more activities, enjoy as much time with friends & family, get my apartment up and running like I've actually lived here for 2 years (oops! where did the time go?).. and create things that make me happy.

One of the creative things I do that makes me happy is.. making handmade greeting cards. Within the mission to get my apartment up to speed, I've little by little worked on organizing my craft room/small office space.. but still have my work cut out for me. But I see so many inspirational ideas from Pinterest, or just perusing stationery stores that I'm eager to set aside some time to just create :)

I know a lot of people that use Pinterest say that they pin and pin and pin away, but don't ever seem to go back to or actually make what they pin to their boards. Well, I'm aiming to do so. Not every single one of course, that won't happen.. but I would definitely like to start seeing my pinning come to actualization, where I can enjoy it in person, not just virtually.

So far, attempt #1 at a DIY pin, not too shabby ;)
Organizing spools of ribbons on to a multiple pants hanger.. now I'm able to see all the ribbons I have so I can actually use them!

Long time no see..

I regret having stopped blogging as frequently as I used to, but life happened..

I had at one point experienced some things in my life that made me lose passion or desire to share any fun finds and ideas, or inspiration for that matter, as I had lost it myself.

Then life got back on track, my outlook on everything transitioned for the better, and I started seeing things for the first time.. really seeing.. and found my fortitude.

So now, I just look forward to the little moments, not just the big ones, in between everyday life.. as it has made me appreciate so much more..

♥ Jem

Monday, November 7, 2011

"More Like You" - Check this video out! :)

Ever reflect on your life's decisions? What if....?
Here is an amazing song by an amazing singer/songwriter (who also happens to be the man who stole my heart) Christian Sbailo.

Please feel free to forward this link on to those who you feel may be interested in his music and/or support independent music.. it's greatly appreciated! Ciao~

YouTube - Videos from this email

Monday, August 2, 2010

Is it possible to be in love with a shoe?

Well, if so.. I think I found my mate :) How HOT are these!? serious ooOOoolala ;)
Nicholas Kirkwood's shoes always rock my world, & one day I'd like to rock them! lol